Slocan Lake, BC

Angela Long is the author of the poetry collection Observations from Off the Grid and an upcoming collection of travel essays, Every Day We Disappear. Her multi-genre writing has appeared in numerous publications, from the Globe and Mail to Utne Reader to Poetry Ireland Review. She has even won a few awards.

In 2006, she graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Creative Writing. She was 36 at the time. She became a (very) mature student after travelling the world for more than 15 years. During that time she learned how to plant trees, deep-fry donuts, survey for caves, harvest olives, clean toilets, throw pots and many other things that have nothing and everything to do with writing.

After graduating, Angela didn’t sit still for long. She spent a year in India researching for her upcoming book. For several years she lived in a log cabin off the grid on Haida Gwaii. Next she moved to Hokkaido and taught English to the villagers of Ohtaki for two years.

Last year she completed a masters of journalism at Ryerson University. As part of her training, she spent the summer of 2016 working as a reporter for the Haliburton Echo, an award-winning community paper. In April 2018, she left Toronto in a Saturn Ion to meet the people creating local news in rural Canada. She’s still on the road.